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"Originally from Mexico City, I pursued my career dream by attending FSU and obtaining a B.S. in Interior Design. I have been working in the design field since 1997 when I was recruited by an award-winning home theatre firm in Florida. I was challenged to transform media rooms into full-blown theme theatres. My architectural understanding of the spaces allowed me to implement audio/video requirements into fantasy-like spaces fulfilling my client’s dreams.

My career has remained focused in high-end residential and commercial projects having had the privilege of working along some of the most influential and famous people in the US. I joined Owens Planning & Design in 2000 taking a hands-on approach to every project from beginning to end. Empowered by new technology, green products, innovative materials and their applications, I take everyday as a learning curve. My excitement for design begins the moment I review a new set of blueprints. Being able to revise an architectural plan in a matter of minutes has allowed me to work side-by-side with architects and contractors from construction until the final day of the project. I imagine myself in every space and I re-think and re-work spaces with a practical and functional approach. I believe that there is always a better solution to what is presented at first. Some thought and work should always be applied to blow away your client’s expectations. In 2003 I was presented with the opportunity to develop and create a high-end furniture line for an upcoming showroom in the Miami Design District. Thus far, it has been the highlight in my career as Furniture Design remains my passion and a niche I would like to pursue further. I feel my career has taken me to the top in South Florida and it will soon take me to be one of the best in the country. I am looking forward to reaching my apogee, as my best is yet to come."