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"I graduated with a bachelor degree in accounting and a minor in marketing from University of Miami. Prior to working for Owens Planning & Design, I worked for Stephens Distributing Company, an Anheuser-Busch distributor for 20 years as Chief Financial Officer. In 2002, I started what would be the beginning of a new career as I was introduced to the design industry. I enjoy being the liaison between the clients and the company. I have learned that purchasing is not a mechanical process, but rather it is the challenge and ability to procure the best prices for every client. It is always rewarding to know that there is that little extra I can do or rely on that extra person I can call to exceed in my duties to my clients. The personal communication and relationship that I develop with every client is unique and that of a friend and not a total stranger from whom you will receive an invoice.

You will get to know me as an amicable and respectful person. My legacy remains on the respect and special dedication to all that are involved with the firm and that of our clients."